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The Guide ensures that you get more value from the data that you collect.

Budgeting and Resource Forecasting: Based on Activities that you build, The Guide produces three-year projections of the Personnel and Systems required to perform the work in your organization. The projections are in the form of headcount and system demand and the budgets required to pay for the resources.

Activity-Based Costing: The Guide produces marginal and total costs, and variable and fully-allocated costs for every Activity and Task that you build. You will find no other product that reveals the costs for the work steps that make up an Activity.

Return on Investment: Using the "baseline" model of your organization, you can run scenarios on any initiative. The Scenario Comparison Reports included in The Guide reveal the differences (Budget, Resource and Activity costs) among scenarios. The Guide includes an ROI Report that compares the headcount projection, budget projection and investment between any two scenarios producing the PV of the investment, the NPV of the cashflow and the discounted ROI.

Total Cost/Value of Ownership: The Guide includes System templates populated with industry data on all aspects of the costs and benefits of implementing a System. Cost categories include cash outlay in appropriate months, system integration, training and installation, maintenance, ongoing operations expense, and system operations personnel. The template also includes the phased-in productivity expected from the implementation and creates a capacity algorithm for the System. This detailed definition of the cost structure of a System enables a true total cost of ownership and the defined benefit enables a true total value of ownership. These together produce a credible ROI. The Guide also includes blank templates for you to use in defining the true total costs of any initiative not already defined in our prepopulated templates. 

Targeted Cost Reductions: Through a detailed understanding (at the Task level) of what costs are material in driving your budget, you are able to get more 'bang' from your cost reduction dollars. Through a focus on process rather than budget numbers you are able to target your cost reductions to ensure service is not impacted.

Performance Metrics: Through modeling your work process (Activities) and defining your Personnel and Systems in templates, you learn what metrics are truly important to capture in assessing the success of your organization. The Guide enables Contact Centers to go beyond the typical ACD metrics approach to performance monitoring.

Labor Force Modeling : The Guide produces three-year headcount projections based on the work defined in the Activities and the productivity algorithm defined in the Personnel templates. You can change any assumptions in the Activities or the templates to produce updated headcount projections. Based on the headcount projections, The Guide produces a Hiring Plan that includes the cost cost of recruiting and hiring and the compensation paid during new employee training and indoctrination.

Outsourcing: The Guide's detailed Outsourcing template allows you to explicitly define the work required of an Outsourcer. This will assist in selecting outsourcers, developing contract requirements for RFQs or SOWs, comparing outsourcers and their bids, establishing performance metrics for monitoring contractor performance, and managing outsourcers.


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