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Business Cases/ROI for Vendors

Technology Vendors, Outsourcers, ASP Providers

Technology Vendors are now able to gain an understanding of the true Total cost of Ownership of their solutions and compare themselves with their competitors. We can quickly build the business case for your product, making the benefits of your solution obvious. We have a product your sales force can load onto their laptops and generate a compelling Return on Investment (ROI) scenario for their prospects. The results are professionally displayed and ready to take forward for approval. We are also available as neutral consultants to provide TCO comparisons for your sales prospects. Our services in this capacity can provide meaningful comparisons between your product and competitive products, clarify needs and objections, and move a prospect through the sales pipeline more quickly.

Outsourcers can prepare more detailed bids using The Guide to define the prospect's specific requirements. You can differentiate yourself in the market by using The Guide for creative productivity-sharing bidding

ASP Providers can use The Guide to define their benefits and pricing to prospects. You can prove, during the bidding process, that your ASP pricing is competitive to alternative premise solutions. If you are not, you can use The Guide to alter you bid to become competitive.

Technology Market Assessment

Primary Matters is a technology content provider and publisher. Years of experience in complex technology, product positioning, and marketplace communication has resulted in this assessment service. Our customers avoid costly mistakes and gain immediate market advantage. Primary Matters Executives have served on five different Advisory Boards, providing product positioning, technology and operations planning, and engineering requirements to software and hardware product companies. Our unique software development, content publishing, and consulting focus enables us to stay ahead of the trends and fads of a dynamic marketplace. For a fraction of the cost of a 'big name' market research firm, you get detailed advice and assistance from people who have actually done the work and understand the dynamics of the marketplace.


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