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Consulting Services

Primary Matters provides consulting services both directly to clients and as a sub-contractor to other consulting firms.

Our benefits are available to customers via our:

  • Strategic and Operational Assessments
    Primary Matters participates with management groups in developing operations plans based on corporate strategic planning.   Services include analyzing business processes, producing capacity and resource requirements, determining the cost of service, and redesigning processes for efficiency and cost reduction.   The Primary Matters’ method includes quantifying the demand, defining the work process steps, identifying the resources required, and producing the operations plan necessary for meeting management goals.   This includes three-year projections of budgets, headcount requirements, and IT and facilities requirements.
  • Business Impact and Vendor RFP Response Analysis
    Primary Matters works with our clients to determine the impact of implementing new technology, of mergers or consolidations, of changes in business processes, or of changes in human resource strategies.   Some examples include:
    1. Technology Implementation: Converged Networks and VOIP, Voice Response and Recognition, CRM, User Interface Upgrade or Consolidation, Web Development, IT Server Management.
    2. Vendor Analysis: Quantifying all the cost and benefit variances among vendors in the acquisition process.
    3. Human Resources Analysis: Quantifying the impact of changes in skill profiles, job duration, compensation, reward and recognition programs, and hiring strategies.
    Examples of Business Impact Analyses are available in the Example Analyses section.
  • Capacity Planning Business Process Analysis and Set-Up
    Primary Matters works with organizations to create or improve their capacity and resource planning functions.   The Primary Matters Guide®, our proprietary software, often becomes one of the planning tools integrated into our clients’ planning process.

Due to The Primary Matters Guide® and our common-sense approach to consulting, we deliver value to our clients quickly and cost-effectively.

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