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The Primary Matters Guide® Decision Support Software

The Primary Matters Guide® is the most powerful decision making tool available to organizations.  Whether employed as a diagnostic probe, a change management counselor, or a forward-looking planning tool, The Guide plays an important role in the management of organizations.  The Guide is also Primary Matters' publishing platform. It holds information about typical systems, personnel and service costs, enabling the user to simply 'click and choose' what is most important for their environment, and to investigate potential changes to that environment.

The Guide is a sophisticated planning tool.  Yet it addresses the biggest problems with tools of this nature--that of complexity, long time to benefit, high expense, and lengthy training requirements.  It has been designed so that the user focuses only on the factors that will make a material difference to The Guides' results and its ability to support critical business decisions.

The Guide is available on a CD-ROM for installation on standard PCs or on an NT server.

What does The Guide Do?

The Guide was introduced in early 2000 as a service companion to Primary Matters' consulting practice. After using and evolving it over many engagements, Primary Matters released it as a software product in September 2001. The product provides a managerial tool and decision support system that enables executives and managers to evaluate the current performance of their business operations, manage their business operations, plan for future growth, and test new scenarios. Just answer a few basic questions - projected activity volume, tasks that must be accomplished, technologies, and anticipated growth - this planning tool builds a complete business model and produces a wealth of management information in hours rather than weeks or months

It provides an accurate, three -year, line item budget covering fully-loaded labor costs, external labor costs, technology operation and maintenance costs, telecommunication and other service costs, facilities, marketing, travel, and miscellaneous costs.

It unearths the fully allocated and variable costs of the Activities and Tasks a company must do to meet its goals, whether they be for sales, customer service, installation, or other functions.

It specifies resource requirements to achieve target growth objectives - staffing, skills, systems, equipment, facilities, etc.

It examines 'what-if' scenarios, showing the impact of alternative work processes, personnel programs, contact methods, and technology on resources and budget.

Historically, budgeting and forecasting have been the Achilles heel of managers, consuming hours of valuable time. The Guide delivers a quantum improvement in information richness, detail, and accuracy. Established companies, with large mature operations, as well as startup operations have embraced The Guide.

What Makes The Guide Unique?

The manner in which people, systems, and activities are defined and linked to enable forward looking projections of resource requirements and costs is patent pending.

  • The structured, easy to follow user interface creates Baseline Budgets and Resource Requirements in hours not weeks.
  • Activity-based costs are a part of the Baseline Reports, and enable targeted cost cutting at the task level.
  • Every single data element is a potential change scenario, with comparisons to the baseline produced in seconds.
  • System Categories and Templates are pre-populated with production data, producing ROI reports in seconds.
  • Activities can be reengineered and the results evaluated in minutes--prior to spending money and talent.
  • Business Drivers--your installed base, your new customers, your sales goals, etc., are linked to activities, and become important sources of 'what if' analyses.  Instantly understand the impact of an improved sales process on your contact volume.

The Guide gives you revolutionary planning and decision support ability.  We guarantee you will be up and running and receiving value from The Guide in days.

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