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The Impact of an Inter-Departmental CRM Solution on Large Retail Banks with Multiple-Lines-of-Business, December 2001
CRM solutions can have a major impact on the bottom line of banks' multiple business units, especially if the business units have some customers in common. This analysis focuses on only one benefit of an inter-departmental CRM solution - providing a summary to the service representatives of a bank's contact centers of a customer's issues across different business units. Product revenues increase dramatically. This is due to an increase in the customer life cycle. In addition, the productivity gains in the contact center provide significant cost savings. The productivity gains justify the acquisition of an inter-departmental CRM solution, even when ignoring the revenue increases. The Bank's product costs increase but this is because there are more customers, which is the source of the increased revenue.

The Impact of a Next Generation Voice Recognition Solution on Credit Union and Banking IVR Applications, August 2002
Voice Recognition solutions continue to evolve in quality and ease of use. This analysis focuses on the approach offered by the next generation of voice recognition applications, which may be developed using the emerging application development platforms from a variety of companies. Typically, the companies developing these platforms are beginning to offer XML-based scripting languages ready for building packaged applications. They also use underlying voice technology from companies such as Nuance and Speechworks. The goal of these platforms is to make it easier for an organization to include voice recognition in a company's portfolio of customer service options. The goal being a significant impact on both cost savings and increased customer satisfaction. Just as Touch-Tone based Integrated Voice Response (IVR) has revolutionized the interface to customer service centers over the last 10 years, voice recognition solutions are likely to do the same. Those companies, who embrace the technology making it a seamless part of their service environment, will find their costs per customer decreased. These companies will also find greater customer loyalty and increased new customer attraction. This will increase their market share.

The Impact on Contact Center Budgets and Headcount of Changing the Profiles of New Agent Recruits, December 2002
In large multi-site contact centers, there is often high agent turnover. Some organizations may loose as many as 50% of their new hires in the employees' first year of work. By changing the profile of new recruits, several large companies have been able to make significant changes in this agent retention rate. In addition, they have been able to have productivity increases in this group of new agents. There is a cost - the agent recruitment process is more expensive, and many of these companies have outsourced their agent recruitment process to specialist organizations that focus solely on recruiting highly profiled agents. But even with this upfront cost increase, the overall budgets can be reduced by 2% to 3%.

The Impact of Adding Web-based, IVR-Voice Recognition, Self-Help to the FAQ and Case Management Solutions of a Technical Support Center, February 2003
The goal of the Web-based, IVR, Voice Recognition FAQ and Case Management Upgrade Project is to significantly increase the use, by the field organization, of the current IVR and Web platforms by expanding its capabilities to provide more services for FAQ and Case Management. By doing this, the calls handled by technical support personnel will be significantly reduced, thus leading to both short and long term cost savings.

Analyzing the Business Value of Hewlett Packard's Open Call Media Platform on Today's Voice Service Architectures, August 2003
Today's Enhanced Voice Services market is growing and forecasted to be one of the major catalysts that reinvigorates the Telecom industry. This market includes services ranging from messaging, custom greetings and ring tones, information acquisition, customer support, voicemail and mass alerting. It provides current and future business opportunities for Service Providers, as illustrated by certain early adopters, whom are already profiting from new generation voice service deployments.

This example analysis focuses on the business and financial value HP's OpenCall Media Platform (OCMP) can bring to voice service deployments, and the impact it has on a Service Provider's (SP's) voice services business. HP's platform provides a foundation to significantly reduce the underlying costs of creating a voice services business, but more importantly, it is the foundation for the change from monolithic, application specific platforms to truly distributed, multi-application, multi-network architectures. Without question, this transition to standards-based, open system architectures will transform the voice services industry.



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