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What does Primary Matters do?

Primary Matters provides software products and services to support planning decisions in virtually any operationally intensive business environment.  Our flagship product, The Primary Matters Guide® is activity based, content rich software that uncovers underlying costs of Contact Centers and supports rapid scenario analyses that enable informed decisions.

The Guide is patent pending, next generation planning software. Its ease of use and prepackaged content results in major business benefits in hours and days--replacing the need for expensive consultants or 'homegrown' spreadsheets.  The Guide enables you to create business and operations plans, perform Total Cost of Ownership analyses (TCO), target cost cuts, and focus on revenue and profitability improvement.

Who are our customers?

Companies using our products and services fall into several different categories. Our Clients include:

  • Small businesses analyzing a proposed business model or new venture.
  • Field sales organizations modeling and optimizing their delivery approach.
  • Customer service centers modeling different infrastructure choices and service options.
  • Customer contact centers modeling customer profitability, transaction costs and infrastructure.
  • Sales organizations modeling customer acquisition, close, setup and service.
  • Vendors and outsourcers modeling customer and prospect requirements.
  • Consulting firms assisting clients with the full life cycle modeling of customer acquisition and service.
  • Venture capital firms, investors and business incubators determining the economics of their proposed new venture, business expansion or current delivery strategy.

What is the pay back from using Primary Matter's Services?

Clearly, the pay back will vary, but typical users of our services find significant opportunities to avoid wasting money, improve performance or validate a new venture before launch. A typical study will pay for itself within months.

How much does it cost?

That depends on the size of your organization, the number of licenses, and whether you are doing the work yourself or engaging us or one of our Partners as consultants.  In any case, The Guide will contribute directly to a rapid time to value, costing much less and delivering much more than traditional methods of planning and decision support.

Who or what is Primary Matter's competition?

The kind of analysis that The Guide provides is almost impossible to do without creating large and expensive custom models. So generally, our competition is an internally developed, much less powerful model, that cannot begin to address the level of analysis provided by The Guide.

How long does it take to analyze a business, division, customer contact center or sales operation?

First runs with The Guide can provide valuable information in as little as a day. Over time models become more elaborate. Even with these more detailed models, running a scenario takes minutes.
As a rough rule of thumb you will be getting value in as little as two to seven business days, depending upon the availability of your data.

How long does it take to analyze a Vendor's customer?

When working with vendors, we can collect the data and analyze the customer in anywhere from three to five days.

How long does it take to analyze a new venture?

Typically one to two weeks of elapsed time allows for several iterations as assumptions are clarified.

How do you know the numbers in your model are good?

We have actually gone out and surveyed users of technologies and structured our model accordingly.  Our model is flexible and can handle all of the popular approaches to Contact Centers, e.g. web, self service, voice portals, telephone ACDs and PBXs, CTI (computer telephony integration technology), outsourcing, inside and outside sales costs, training, set up time, maintenance, etc.

And, as we add Clients that use our model and Customers that use our consulting services, we continually validate the data and the results.

I don't have time. Will Primary Matters do the work for me?

Yes. We will act as your outsourced advisors and do all the work for you.  As appropriate, we can also tap into our extensive network of Associates and our Value Added Reseller Partners.

What kind of management consulting does Primary Matters do?

We help provide the following kinds of advice and service:

  • Engineer the entire customer acquisition and service process to reduce costs, increase profitability or improve customer satisfaction;
  • Model new business operations, such as sales forces, contact centers, or entire startup companies;
  • Model the economics of proposed new products, ventures or infrastructure; and
  • Help vendors understand their important clients so they can tailor their solutions to be the most cost effective.

What is The Guide?

The Guide is the state of the art in software for activity based modeling of the entire customer acquisition and servicing process. It is based upon many person-years of development and the extensive business and consulting experience of the Primary Matters Management Team.

How long does it take to use The Guide?

We have built models in as little as a day. But for most large operations, it is more reasonable to think in terms of a week for the first model data to be input and run. Each subsequent model can be run in anywhere from minutes to hours depending upon how much alteration to the base case is being tested.

Do I need training to operate The Guide?

We provide training to operate The Guide. Typically, we provide a one day training program. But if you are busy, we'll do all the work.  Or if you choose to be involved with us implementing The Guide for you, you will understand and be able to use it fully in a day or two.

I am a CRM vendor. How can I work with Primary Matters?

If you have a unique technology or process, you can work with us to incorporate modeling your technology into our standard model. You can then use The Guide to assist in your sales process. Your customers, like ours, are interested in pay back and how your technology can contribute to their success.

I am a consultant. How can I work with Primary Matters?

We have a Value Added Reseller program that allows you to learn how to use our technology, resell it,  and/or provide a service to your customer base. Contact us for eligibility requirements and details.

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