Primary Matters
Greg Borton, Co- Founder
Greg has spent over fifteen years designing technology to improve the performance of the customer contact and sales disciplines. During this time he has served on the advisory board of five contact center and CRM companies, and has consulted to both the vendor and end user communities. He is the inventor of The Primary Matters Guide®, and participates in its architecture design as well as development. Greg launched his career at Digital Equipment Corporation in the Telecommunications Marketing Group. He then moved to R&D, and become involved in customer service applications as an planner and product manager at Digital, where he is widely credited, with several others, of inventing the concept of computer-telephony integration (CTI). As a product manager, he shipped the first CTI products available on the market. He founded and served as CEO of Nabnasset Corporation, a successful CTI software products company. With an installed base of over 100 sites in large financial, manufacturing, and service organizations, Greg sold Nabnasset to Quintus Corporation in 1997. Quintus was sold to Avaya in 2001. 

Over the past four years, Greg has provided consulting services in corporate and product strategy; and customer contact technology. Greg invented the concepts contained in The Guide, which was released as a software product in August 2001. The Guide enables upper management to link strategic plans to operations requirements, create budgets and labor forecasts, analyze activity-based costs, and quickly examine multiple strategic and operational scenarios.

Greg is a graduate, cum laude, of Harvard College in the sciences.

Mary Jo Kulp, CEO and Co- Founder
Mary Jo spent years as a user interface design analyst at Bell Labs, and an organizational design and workflow specialist at AT&T. More recently she served as the Vice President of Customer Services for Pacific Bell Information Services, and as the Executive Director of Customer Service for Pacific Bell Mobile Services. She has experience in building and growing customer contact centers, as well as managing and growing technical support centers, network operation centers, and field installation and maintenance forces.  Over the past four years Mary Jo has participated in the development of The Primary Matters Guide®, served on the advisory board for three CRM companies, and consulted on all facets of customer contact center operations.

Mary Jo is a graduate, Cum Laude, of The University of California, Berkeley, and she holds an MS Degree in Industrial Psychology from California State University, San Jose.

Brian Hinton, President
Brian joined Primary Matters after being the Co-founder/Product Manager of an Internet, technology startup. Brian was a Commander in the US Navy, where, after 20 years, he concluded his service as the Exchange Officer (equivalent of CEO in non-military terms) of the Miramar Exchange, a $100 million dollar sales and services complex for military personnel and retirees. Since leaving the military, he has consulted in the call-center industry, analyzing the business value of technology implementations. Brian was chief author of several key financial planning models, which were put to use by Qwest in the design of their next generation 800 network, by Broadstream Communications in their corporate business plan, and by Genesys as an ROI sales tool.

At Primary Matters, Brian is directly involved in the design and development of the company's flagship product, The Guide. In addition, he also provides consulting services for select projects.

Brian is a graduate of Harvard Business School.

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