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Outsourced Business Analytics Services

Primary Matters provides outsourced business analytics, capacity planning and business impact analysis, and project tracking services as a business process reporting to the management staff of our customers.   Outsourced functions include:

  • Capacity Planning and Business Impact Analysis for customer contact centers, field organizations, sales forces and other labor intensive functions.   Primary Matters:
    1. Establishes or expands the business processes that create capacity plans so that managers can accurately predict their resource requirements and understand the impact of changing demand on their organizations.
    2. Ensures that managers are involved to give them control of their forward looking resource requirements.
    3. Provides full organizational budgets and resource requirements enabling snapshots of the exact status of the organization’s needs.
    4. Estimates the business impact of events (mergers and acquisitions, new technology implementation, or changes in demand) in terms of budgets, headcounts and other resource requirements.   The changes to the business are clearly shown, enabling the management group to evaluate alternative forward-looking strategies.
  • Outsourcer Performance Tracking and Benchmarking Service (see White Paper “Activity-based Planning for Outsourcers”)
    Clients of Primary Matters, who involve us in benchmarking their Outsourcers, experience a quality improvement and cost savings ranging from 5% to 20%.   Primary Matters:
    1. Creates a benchmarked model of the business processes and volumes being outsourced (estimates for a start-up or new work).
    2. Collects data from each Outsourcer to determine the variances between sites in the business processes and costs of doing similar work.
    3. Determines anticipated changes in demand, business processes or technology that will affect the ongoing work.  
    4. Manages a ‘Variance’ process.
    5. Produces budgets, resource requirements and cost per unit.
    6. Determines best practices and transfer these processes to other sites to reduce costs and increase quality.
    7. Tracks data monthly providing summary and detailed reports.
  • Human Resource Productivity and Employee Job Life Cycle Management (see White Paper “Measuring and Managing the Productivity and Costs of Employee Job Life Cycles”)
    Primary Matters creates the business process, collects the data, and produces the reports that inform management and Human Resources about the costs of hiring, the productivity of employees throughout their life cycle, and the impact of HR initiatives designed to improve labor force productivity.   This service appeals mostly to organizations which have moderate to high employee turnover and an extensive learning curve.

Due to the focused expertise of Primary Matters, our outsourced services produce high quality results at a reasonable cost.   Accomplishing this analysis internally is typically not as cost effective as the quality, depth of expertise, and range of reporting are rarely matched by the quality and efficiency provided by Primary Matters.

Primary Matters’ goal is not to determine the strategy of its customers.   Our goal is to provide our customers with the best information and reports possible, produced through highly structured business processes.   Management will have a better understanding of their organization,, and pertinent opportunities and threats, enabling better decisions and more efficient use of resources.

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