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Offshoring Technical Support Centers: Challenges and Best Practices, August 2004.

Outsourcing your product development, technical support, or customer support offshore is a decision that continues to grow in popularity among North American companies. Though often presented as a sound option for cutting costs and increasing profit, the controversy surrounding this topic also continues to grow.

This article contains very relevant information on the challenges and benefits associated with offshore outsourcing. By offering you an inside look at what is involved in implementing an offshore operation, this will reveal some of the reasons for the success or failure that other organizations have experienced, and help determine if this decision is the right one for your bottom line.

The Amae CI Suite™: Quantifying Benefits and Business Modeling Using The Primary Matters Guide® Business Impact Analysis Tool, March 2005

This case study explores the impact that Customer Experience Management (CEM) Technology has on an organization and its operations, as well as how it creates and sustains a strong customer-centric culture. Using analysis provided by The Primary Matters Guide®, it accurately reveals the significant financial benefits that CEM Technology delivers in contact center operations, customer research, and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In addition, it measures the direct impact of increased customer satisfaction and loyalty on agent productivity and job enjoyment, ease and quality of monitoring, and the customer life cycle, all of which directly contribute to the profitability in any contact center.

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