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Primary Matters Answers Question: Is Activity Based Analysis Right for Your Contact Center?

Kenwood, CA – (August 2, 2005) – Primary Matters, Inc., leading expert in contact center analysis, is now offering the opportunity to analyze your contact center to see if activity-based analysis could improve your current processes for planning, budgeting, and business impact analysis.

The use of activity-based analysis in the contact center environment has been growing consistently over the past couple of years, and is now considered by some as one of the most necessary requirements for reaching and maintaining profitability.

The reason for this rapid increase in demand is due in part to the decrease in budget that most contact centers have faced over this same period of time. Upper management groups have grown increasing sceptical in approving funding for large projects or technology upgrades without first knowing what ROI will be achieved, when break-even will occur, and if their goals for the project will be met.

Activity-based analysis has the ability to provide a level of accuracy in answering the important questions, and base those answers on information specific to a particular organization. While one contact center may receive a return on their investment of 135% within 16 months of upgrading their CTI, another with a similar number of seats and a similar technology environment may take 3 years before they see break-even. Based on a generic ROI report, both of these centers would have expected the same return, but one would have been mislead. By using activity-based analysis each contact center, while similar in overall operations, would have a report customized with information unique to only them. This report is significantly more accurate and therefore more valuable than the first option discussed.

In addition to unmatched decision support, activity-based analysis also provides fully allocated cost details including cost per call, contact, employee, and process step within your center. This information is essential for understanding which activities may be unnecessarily eating up your budget, and highlighting opportunities for improvements in both profit and productivity.

Primary Matters is now offering an assessment survey to show if activity-based analysis would benefit your contact center. Your answers will be analyzed by a team of professionals, and if it is determined that the benefits would apply in your environment, you will receive information on how to acquire, implement and use an activity-based solution. You can take the contact center survey by clicking on the following link:

Is Activity-Based Analysis Right for Your Contact Center?

You may also visit the Primary Matters Website for the narrated presentation What is Activity- Based Planning?

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Primary Matters, Inc. provides software products and services that enable activity-based budgeting, planning and business impact analyses. The company’s solution improves budgeting processes and planning decisions in virtually any operationally intensive business environment. Its flagship product, The Primary Matters Guide® is activity-based, content rich software that uncovers underlying costs of corporate functions such as contact centers, sales groups, field organizations, technical support groups, and any other operational function that is activity, task and resource based. With The Guide, business goals are linked to the resource requirements needed to meet these goals. For more information call (902) 794-7095, or visit

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