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Primary Matters Announces Strategic Alliance with Bay Area Consulting Group LLC


Tiburon, CA – April 4, 2003 – Primary Matters, Inc., whose products provide a complete business planning environment supporting business impact analyses ranging from the quantification of process re-engineering, to changes in staffing strategies, to return on technology investment analyses, today announced a strategic alliance with Bay Area Consulting Group LLC (BACG), a leading management consultancy focused on improving business performance through the effective use of information technology, operations improvement and strategic workforce management initiatives.

BACG will utilize the Primary Matters Guide™ to deliver increased value in its consulting engagements in the areas of strategy and planning, process improvement, technology selection and implementation, organizational development and change management. Primary Matters will gain access to BACG’s consulting skills and software tools to broaden the services it offers its clients, especially in the areas of recruiting, training, retention and job/task optimization. 

Users of Primary Matters’ flagship product set, The Primary Matters Guide™, typically create baseline models of their operations in only three or four days, permitting immediate production of activity-based budgets and headcount forecasts. The Guide then supports rapid scenario analyses of a wide range of events and initiatives, including changes in work activities, the addition of new technologies, changes in business forecasts, targeting cost cuts effectively, and identifying revenue and profitability improvement opportunities. These scenarios are completed quickly, enabling the management team to focus its time on understanding its business environment, examining options, and making and implementing decisions.

Mr. Greg Borton, CEO and co-founder of Primary Matters, said “I am very pleased to announce this relationship with BACG. Our goal is to align with world-class consulting organizations to deliver The Guide benefits as widely as possible. We provide managers and consultants with tools and services to help them focus better, fully understand the financial and labor impacts of each possible scenario, compare alternative strategies using quantitative information, make the best forward-looking business decisions possible, and measure and adjust their plans as time and events unfold. The combination of BACG and the Guide creates significantly greater planning, decision support, and implementation capabilities.”

BACG’s workforce management engagements employ the Taylor Protocols™, a unique set of automated tools for pre-employment screening and productivity improvement. These tools identify the essential characteristics that existing top performers in a particular job category have in common with each other, and which distinguish these top performers from other, lower-performing employees. This information is then used as part of the screening process to ensure that new employees have those characteristics that are empirically associated with success in the client’s unique environment. Numerous client experiences confirm the common sense prediction that employees whose essential nature is well matched to the requirements of a particular job and of a particular work environment are far more productive than average. Since they will tend to experience higher job satisfaction, they generate measurably lower turnover.

Mr. Thomas Allen, Partner and co-founder of BACG states, “We believe this alliance will be of significant benefit to the clients of each of our companies. Our workforce management tools are particularly valuable to contact centers and other operationally intensive environments. These tools not only help such organizations recruit candidates with a high likelihood of success, but also help them shape their training, management, team building and job/task redesign activities for maximum effectiveness. We are equally excited by the opportunity to bring to our clients the unusual ease of use, depth of insight, and rapid modeling of multiple alternatives provided by The Primary Matters Guide™. We believe the use of such complementary, world-class tools will help clients of both companies accelerate their growth and success.”

About Bay Area ConsultingFebruary 12, 2005ormance through the effective use of information technology, through operations improvement and through strategic workforce management initiatives. Its practice areas include strategic planning and organizational goal alignment, business process optimization, change management, and performance measurement. These engagements most commonly focus on the effective selection, deployment and use of technology and personnel. 

For more information about BACG and its services contact Bob Abrams at 415/392-0990 or visit

About Primary Matters, Inc.

Primary Matters, Inc. provides software and services that support business impact analysis, enabling improved planning decisions in virtually any operationally intensive business environment. Its flagship product, The Primary Matters Guide™ is activity based, content rich software that uncovers underlying costs of corporate functions such as contact centers, sales groups, field organizations, technical support groups, internal help desks, and any other operational function that is activity, task and resource based. With The Guide, business goals are linked to the resource requirements needed to meet these goals.

For more information, contact Cate Eranthe at 415/789-1082.


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