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Primary Matters Releases Free White Paper on Contact Center Consulting

Kenwood, CA - March 15, 2005. Primary Matters Inc., expert provider of activity-based cost analysis and decision support solutions, has released a White Paper titled “Differentiate Your Contact Center Consulting with Activity-Based TCO/ROI Analysis”. This article offers valuable suggestions for both contact center consultants, and the contact center executives who rely on their consulting partners to provide a strategic plan for their success.

Due to the dramatic increase in competition for consulting engagements, consultants have to work much harder to win business and to justify the value they offer to their clients. The competition not only comes from other consulting firms, but also from the option of using internal employees to provide the analysis and answers usually provided by consultants. That is why differentiating your offering has become vital to gaining new clients, and building relationships that result in follow-on work.

This White Paper discusses how activity-based analysis expands deliverables to include credible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) reports for options being considered by the client. The consultant who uses this in-depth analysis will be able to design projects to meet the client’s ROI goals, provide accurate financial analysis to support funding requests, and provide supporting documentation which includes project comparisons of headcount, budget, and system requirements as well as activity-based costs for each option. In addition, they will be able to monitor metrics to ensure that the desired ROI goals are achieved.

Primary Matters, Inc. is a pioneer in the development of activity-based analysis. Their flagship product, The Primary Matters Guide® , is used by their clients and consulting partners to provide detailed and accurate business impact analyses. Lori Bocklund, President of Strategic Contact, a Primary Matters partner and independent consulting firm with extensive experience in call center technology and operations, explains the value of a Primary Matters partnership in a recent project, "The Guide™ helped to make the technology strategy more tangible to the senior management that ultimately had to approve the investments defined in the strategic plan “. The client is now in the process of implementing the changes defined in the strategy.

Brian Hinton, President of Primary Matters, states, “Our consulting partners have given us overwhelming feedback in project after project that The Primary Matters Guide® enabled them to structure the initial proposal to win the project, deliver the financial depth that the client required, and create opportunity for follow-on work. Without exception, a partnership with Primary Matters is a “win” for the consultant, the client, and Primary Matters”.

For consultants, using activity-based TCO/ROI analysis provides the differentiation that will lead to satisfied clients who trust your insight and who think of you first for future projects. For contact center executives, if your consultants are using activity-based analysis as the basis for their proposals, you can trust that the ROI and TCO projections for your projects are accurate, specific to your organization, and that you will be able to measure the impact that a project has on all aspects of your business, as well as receive reports to monitor if business goals are met.

You can access a free copy of this White Paper at the following link:

Differentiate Your Contact Center Consulting

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Primary Matters, Inc. provides software products and services that enable activity-based budgeting, planning and business impact analyses. The company’s solution improves budgeting processes and planning decisions in virtually any operationally intensive business environment. Its flagship product, The Primary Matters Guide® is activity-based, content rich software that uncovers underlying costs of corporate functions such as contact centers, sales groups, field organizations, technical support groups, and any other operational function that is activity, task and resource based. With The Guide, business goals are linked to the resource requirements needed to meet these goals. For more information call 902-794-7095 or visit

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