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Primary Matters, Inc. Releases the EURO Version of The Primary Matters Contact Center Guide® Decision Support and Planning Software

Tiburon, CA - June 7, 2002 - Primary Matters, Inc., a software products and consulting services company today announced availability of their flagship product, The Primary Matters Contact Center Guide®, for the European marketplace.

The Contact Center Guide is patent pending, next generation decision support and planning software for use in contact centers, technical support organizations, help desks, field installation and maintenance groups and other operationally intensive environments. Its ease of use and prepackaged content results in major business benefits in hours, or at most days, thus significantly enhancing the ability of management staff and consultants to deliver enterprise wide performance improvement. It provides monthly budgets, activity costs, personnel and technology requirements, looking out three years. It supports rapid scenario analysis, ROI and Total Cost of Ownership comparisons to better enable informed business decisions. The Guide enables Operations managers and Sales and Marketing staff to gain an enterprise view of the impact of marketing campaigns, sales strategies, and product decisions on current and future product and service support costs and resource requirements.

The European release supports the Euro currency and includes modifications to The Guides' pre- packaged, ready-to-use, content templates. These templates contain investment, operating costs, and productivity impacts for the most important contact center technologies.

Brian Hinton, VP Product Management, states, "Primary Matters has partnerships with leading world wide consulting firms. These firms requested the currency and content changes that have now been made in the Euro version of The Guide. In fact, The Guide has already been used successfully in Italy and Holland, and we expect many more applications in the near future."

Vanguard Communications Corp., a customer contact consultancy based in the United States, is the first to use the EURO version of The Guide in Italy. Sergio Caserta, Vanguard's senior consultant in Europe, reports "The Guide provides us a comprehensive way to evaluate alternative action plans for our clients. The Guide is one of our key planning tools to help us help our clients make sound business decisions. Now that the EURO version is available, I expect The Guide to become even more important to our European consulting practice".

About Primary Matters, Inc.:

Primary Matters, Inc. provides software products and services which support planning decisions in virtually any operationally intensive business environment. Its flagship product, The Contact Center Guide™ is activity based, content rich software that uncovers underlying costs of customer contact centers and other activity intensive corporate functions such as sales groups, field organizations and technical support groups. Business goals can now be linked to the resource requirements needed to meet these goals. 

The product's goal is to enable management groups and consultants to focus better, understand the financial and labor impacts of each possible route forward, compare alternative strategies using quantitative information, make the best forward-looking business decisions, and measure and adjust their plans as each month passes.

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