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Improved Hosted Version of The Primary Matters Guide® Now Available


Kenwood, CA – (September 15, 2005) – Primary Matters, Inc., expert provider of activity-based customer support analysis, announces the release of their newly enhanced hosted version of the Primary Matters Guide. The Guide™ is an activity-based planning, budgeting and business impact analysis solution.

The upgrades to the browser-accessed version of The Guide include an improved user interface. The improvement was designed to make the ability to organize analysis and projections a more intuitive process. The upgrade enables users to examine unlimited options for change including new technology implementations, and easily structure unlimited analysis in an understandable hierarchy.

The Guide is used by consultants, vendors and end-users to:

  • Define the costs of each activity performed in meeting the customer support objectives
  • Analyze how changes to the current technology or operations will impact the headcount, system and budget requirements
  • Evaluate proposed implementations and produce accurate TCO and ROI reports to highlight the choice that will offer the most positive return

Primary Matters knows that each customer support center has a unique environment. The business impact of a change to one center is different than the impact of that same change to another center. This understanding is the foundation that The Guide was built upon.

After building a baseline reflecting the current and specific environment of a customer support center, ROI/business case to support funding or implementation of any initiative can be produced in minutes leaving you with success metrics to monitor after implementation to ensure the ROI is achieved.

Brian Hinton, President of Primary Matters stated, “We are very pleased to announce the improvements made to our ASP version of The Guide. We have worked very closely with our customers to ensure that they receive maximum value, and the enhancements reflect our customers’ requirements. ”

To learn more about activity-based analysis and The Primary Matters Guide, visit the Primary Matters website at the following link:

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Primary Matters, Inc., provides software products and services that enable activity-based budgeting, planning and business impact analyses. The company’s solution improves budgeting processes and planning decisions in virtually any operationally intensive business environment. Its flagship product, The Primary Matters Guide® is activity-based, content rich software that uncovers underlying costs of corporate functions such as contact centers, sales groups, field organizations, technical support groups, and any other operational function that is activity, task and resource based. With The Guide, business goals are linked to the resource requirements needed to meet these goals. For more information call (902) 794-7095, or visit

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