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McKesson Chooses The Primary Matters Guide™

McKesson Corporation selects The Guide for planning and business impact analysis within ServiceFIRST Customer Support 

Tiburon, CA– August 08, 2003— Primary Matters, Inc., a leading provider of planning and business analysis software and services, announced that The Primary Matters Guide™ has been selected by McKesson Corporation as the tool for use in internal planning and analysis within ServiceFIRST Customer Support. McKesson Customer Support will use The Guide to understand the underlying cost drivers in their support environment and to analyze the impact of a series of planned process changes and investment initiatives.

Using The Guide, McKesson will be able to easily model the process steps within their call centers and customer support organization. The Guide will produce resource and budget reports that clearly identify which activities and tasks are the major cost drivers. Planned changes or investments can be run against this “baseline” to obtain a clear picture of the impact these initiatives will have on the ServiceFIRST Customer Support organization.

McKesson ServiceFIRST organization has already used The Guide in their capital budgeting process. Within three weeks of using The Guide for the first time, they were able to build a baseline and run complex scenarios against that baseline. The scenarios covered an analysis of all technology and process initiatives planned in the next three years. The assumptions were detailed and obvious, yielding credible, supportable results. 

Ken Webb, Vice-President, ServiceFIRST, McKesson, stated “Using The Guide, we were able to complete months of analysis in just three weeks. The benefit is not just in the savings in analysis costs. It is also the clarity The Guide adds to the planning for capital expenditures. We made cost and benefit assumptions that drove the analysis. These assumptions were available for review by all stakeholders. The Guide offers the ability to easily alter any assumption, immediately updating the results. We were able to get complete buy-in during the presentation as we reacted to everyone’s concerns. We now have an updated operational plan to use in managing our organization.”

Brian Hinton, Vice-President, Product Management, Primary Matters, further states; “The Guide’s feature set is an excellent match to McKesson’s business analysis objectives. We are very pleased that McKesson was able to see a return on their investment in The Guide as quickly as they did. I am looking forward to working with them as they begin the implementation phase of their projects. We will jointly monitor the results to ensure the return projected by The Guide is achieved."

About Primary Matters, Inc.

Primary Matters, Inc. provides business impact analysis software and services that support budgeting, resource planning, total cost of ownership analysis, return on investment analysis, scenario analysis on any change initiatives, and activity-based costing. Their flagship product, The Primary Matters Guide™, provides complete, integrated business planning, and uncovers the underlying costs of virtually any operational business environment such as contact centers, sales groups, field organizations, technical support groups, internal help desks, and any other function that is transaction and resource intensive. The Guide’s ease of use and prepackaged content enable budgets and forecasts to be created within days, saving significant management time and providing higher accuracy. The Guide’s integrated nature enables rapid scenario analyses (ROI, Total Cost of Ownership comparisons, process change impact analysis) that can be used to update budget projections and resource forecasts. The Guide provides over 50 reports including three-year budget projections, activity-based cost projections, and resource (headcount and technology) projections. With The Guide, business goals are linked to the resource requirements needed to meet these goals. For more information, contact Primary Matters on (707) 833-1564.


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