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Primary Matters Announces a Free White Paper, “Creating a ‘Win-Win’ with Your Outsourcers”


Tiburon, CA – April 15, 2004 - Primary Matters announced the release of an in-depth White Paper “Creating a ‘Win-Win’ with Your Outsourcers” based on work done at several large companies involving multiple outsourcers. In particular, the paper discusses the uses of activity-based planning and business analysis in managing relationships with Outsourcers and establishing best practices.

As summarized by Greg Borton, CEO, “Our experience has shown that, as outsourced corporate functions grow in importance, the management relationship with the Outsourcer needs to evolve in order to foster the healthy, long-term partnership required for success. In particular, there needs to be a sharp focus on defining the value and goals of the relationship and on providing transparent measurement of the Outsourcer’s performance against these goals.”

The White Paper focuses on how benchmarking Outsourcers using an activity-based approach enables a management team to address some major concerns, including:

  • Ensure that the goals of the company and the Outsourcer are aligned.
  • Be able to measure the work actually being accomplished instead of looking at high level measures that only hint at what is going on.
  • Accurately forecast the demand for the Outsourced resource.
  • Match the actual work performed to monthly invoices.
  • Jointly re-engineer work processes and pursue technology innovation to reap the consequent productivity and quality improvements.

The companies now using this approach have increased both quality and efficiency, in some cases obtaining as high as 25% cost reductions. This is because establishing activity-based best practices makes the work processes that support the demand on the organizations transparent. By analyzing the differences between Outsourcers, one is able to capture, and then share, best practices, thus ensuring that different groups doing similar work are highly efficient.

This White Paper provides a detailed discussion of how the management process changes when using activity-based budgeting and planning for managing outsourcers, as well as internal groups. The paper is available on the Primary Matters web site, at the following link:

Creating a ‘Win-Win’ with Your Outsourcers

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