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Primary Matters Releases White Paper “Why Upper Management Doesn’t Trust Project TCO and ROI Analyses, and How To Fix The Problem”

Business Centric TCO and ROI Analyses

Tiburon, CA – June 9, 2004. Primary Matters Inc. announces the release of a new White Paper, “Why Upper Management Doesn’t Trust Project TCO and ROI Analyses, and How To Fix The Problem”. This paper explores the two different views of upper management and project managers when they evaluate project funding requests.

According to Greg Borton, CEO of Primary Matters Inc., “In the funding request process, it is very common that upper management does not trust business impact analyses, TCOs and ROIs provided by project managers. This ‘disconnect’ often results from the different views and responsibilities of the upper management and project management roles in an organization.”

“Upper management focuses on overall budgets, resource requirements and performance. Project managers focus on their specific project and its benefits. In order to solve this problem, an organization needs a project management focus that bridges these two different viewpoints, thus providing the information needed by project managers to present their ideas in terms that are useful and credible to upper management.”

This White Paper defines and compares the “project-centric” approach used by project managers and “business-centric” approach used by upper management. Then the paper focuses on how to bridge these two different viewpoints in order to improve the process for all of the involved players. Leading companies using the suggestions outlined in the paper have been able to integrate their budgeting, planning and project justification practices.

This paper is available in the White Paper section of the Primary Matters web site

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