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SAGE Results to use Primary Matters’ planning and decision support costing product, The Contact Center Guide™, to better serve its customers

San Francisco, CA/Colorado Springs, CO - March 18, 2002 - SAGE Results, Inc., a leading professional and technical services firm focused on maximizing the end-to-end customer experience, and Primary Matters, Inc., a software product and services company whose products support planning, total cost of ownership, scenario analysis and activity-based costing, today announced their partnership to increase the value of the consulting projects offered by SAGE Results to its customers. 

This partnership arms the skilled consulting staff of SAGE Results with the Primary Matters’ Contact Center Guide™. SAGE Results’ considerable expertise focuses on customer contact center process improvement, enterprise strategy, information technology, telecommunications, organizational change, and project management. 

According to Ken Webb, CEO and founder of SAGE Results, “In working with Primary Matters, we have discovered the insight and focus we can obtain by using The Guide enables us to provide significantly greater benefits to our customers. We can now identify the specific costs and impact of each deliverable in our consulting work, and design our projects to best achieve the desired results. This means that SAGE Results is increasing the value of each dollar of consulting provided to our customers. Our efforts are highly focused on quantifiable information that supports informed decisions about how best to achieve the business goals of our customers.”

Mr Greg Borton, CEO and co-founder of Primary Matters, said, “This partnership with a leading consulting firm such as SAGE Results confirms the vision we have been creating at Primary Matters. Our goal is to enable management groups and their consultants to focus better, understand the financial and labor impacts of each possible route forward, compare alternative strategies using quantitative information, make the best forward-looking business decisions, and measure and adjust their plans as each month passes. Today’s announcement with SAGE Results confirms that that we are changing management’s approach to decision-making.”

About SAGE Results, Inc.:

SAGE Results, Inc. is a professional and technical services firm focused on helping organizations to comprehensively improve their operations through the strategic definition and deployment of organizational performance improvement initiatives. SAGE Results, Inc. specializes in four primary practice areas for internal and external support centers these services include contact center assessments, improvements and certification; human services optimization; new product evaluations, implementation and integration; and organizational consulting and program management. Additional information is available at the company's web site, or by calling 877/786-2304.

About Primary Matters, Inc.:

Primary Matters provides software products and services which support planning decisions in virtually any operationally intensive business environment. Its flagship product, The Contact Center Guide™ is activity based, content rich software that uncovers underlying costs of customer contact centers and other activity intensive corporate functions such as sales groups, field organizations and technical support groups. Business goals can now be linked to the resource requirements needed to meet these goals. 

The Guide is patent pending, next generation planning software. Its ease of use and prepackaged content results in major business benefits in hours, or at most, several days, thus significantly enhancing the ability of management staff and consultants to deliver enterprise wide performance improvement. It provides 3-year budgets, activity costs, headcount and technology requirements and supports rapid scenario analyses to better enable informed business decisions. 

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