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Primary Matters and StraightSource Partner to Develop Decision Support Tools for Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Collaboration delivers true financial impact of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Engagements

Tiburon, CA - January 25, 2005– Primary Matters, Inc., a leading management consulting and software development firm specializing in decision support tools, today announced a partnership with StraightSource, one of the country's foremost experts in recruitment and retention solutions.   Through this partnership, Primary Matters will support StraightSource’s pre-sales process by providing business impact analyses and decision support tools that measure the financial impact of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).   The result will be sound financial modeling that HR can take to the boardroom.

As a thought leader in the recruitment outsourcing space, StraightSource is educating the market through real business cases.   “Our customers are seeing the enormous benefits of taking a function that has traditionally been managed internally, and turning that function over to a specialist,” said Brandt Hamby, executive vice president of business development for StraightSource.   “While there are a lot of discussions occurring, there has been a lag in the development of tools that can quickly and cost-effectively identify how RPO solutions impact the bottom line.   Through our domain expertise and The Primary Matters Guide® , we can now show a ‘baseline’ and ‘after’ model prior to engagement.   This helps tremendously with building a service level agreement.”  

“This is a very powerful use of our approach to project the business impact of changing personnel attributes,” stated Greg Borton, chief executive officer of Primary Matters.   “Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is still in the early stages of growth, so creating the structure that truly measures the impact that RPO has on organizations will add a tremendous amount of data to an industry that is screaming for evidence.   We are pleased to be working with the leader in this space and look forward to becoming the premier solution used to evaluate human resources outsourcing engagements.”

To learn more about Primary Matters’ approach to analyzing personnel strategies and best practices of increasing productivity, check out the Primary Matters White Paper "Managing the Costs of the Employee Job Life Cycle".

About Primary Matters

Primary Matters, Inc. provides software products and services which support planning decisions in virtually any operationally intensive business environment. Its flagship product, The Primary Matters Guide® is activity based, content rich software that uncovers underlying costs of customer contact centers and other activity intensive corporate functions such as sales groups, field organizations and technical support groups.   Business goals can now be linked to the resource requirements needed to meet these goals.  

The product’s goal is to enable management groups and consultants to focus better, understand the financial and labor impacts of each possible route forward, compare alternative strategies using quantitative information, make the best forward-looking business decisions, and measure and adjust their plans as each month passes

For more information, visit, or contact Noelle MacQueen (902) 794-7095.

About StraightSource

StraightSource is the standard in Recruitment Process Outsourcing.   From Fortune 100 enterprises to mid-sized companies, StraightSource provides bundled, stackable, service modules for the entire recruitment process – from pre-hire to post-hire.   With its proven talent, innovative tools, and precise methodology, StraightSource fortifies the HR function with increased value, reduced costs, improved hires, and more control.   The company’s flexible service model is designed to consistently execute a high-quality recruitment process so that client organizations are synchronized to meet ever-changing recruitment and hiring needs.

For more information, visit StraightSource on the Web at or contact Kevin Leonard, EVP Sales, 972-638-2964.


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