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Primary Matters, Inc. Releases Internet Version of The Primary Matters Guide™

New Features Enable Easy to Use, Powerful Activity-Based Planning and Business Analytics

Tiburon, CA - March 2, 2004. Primary Matters, Inc. announces the release of Version 2.1 of The Primary Matters Guide™. This version, which has been available to only a select group of Beta customers over the past year, is completely database supported and delivered as an Application Service Provider (ASP). Several features in Version 2.1 enhance the power and flexibility of The Guide. At the same time, its browser-based user interface provides an intuitive environment for users to quickly build models of their environment and run unlimited ‘what if’ scenario analyses.

The ability to capture external ‘business drivers’ such as sales targets, marketing campaigns, acquisitions, or an installed base of products and services is now limitless. These ‘drivers’ are held in templates that are linked to Personnel and Activity templates. The Guide’s patent-pending method of using these templates to produce forward looking monthly staffing requirements, system costs, and a fully allocated budget results in unparalleled planning and decision support capabilities.

The Guide’s scenario comparison capability has also been enhanced in Version 2.1. A baseline is established in hours or at most days. Then, users can quantify the impact of process changes, a change in staffing strategy, or the implementation of new technologies. An unlimited number of these scenarios can be kept and used to establish priorities and direct resources. These scenarios are viewed by simply choosing from a drop down list. The Guide makes comparisons between the Baseline and a Scenario, or between one Scenario and another. The Scenarios can be easily distributed to other users of The Guide so that all of the decision makers can view the impact analysis and reach decisions based on common information.

Sergio Caserta, Manager, Vanguard Communications Europe, Ltd. Says “Version 2.1 of The Guide has been the basis of several highly successful Contact Center Planning Seminars I have conducted in Italy. I present the fundamentals of creating forecasts, staffing plans, and budgets using The Guide. We then run a number of insightful ‘what if’ scenarios. Seminar participants then log into The Guide and use their own data to create their own plans and ‘what if’ analysis. People are getting real value from The Guide in less than two days. Many of the participants have requested that access to The Guide be extended beyond the seminar time frame. With the ASP version, all the user needs is access to the internet. The Guide will be a critical component to the planning seminars I will be giving in Milan in May and Rome in October.”

Coby Dunn, Principal, Alliance Management Services, reports “ I have recently been involved in the launch of a new mobile phone service. The Guide enabled us to perform sensitivity tests on our launch assumptions and quantify the impact of being over and under expectations. Because The Guide is a complete planning environment, linking together sales forecasts, staffing, system costs, budgets, and marketing and advertising costs, we were able to accurately forecast the total impact of our launch assumptions, and in a manner of minutes, quantify the bottom line of changing our assumptions. It kept the team focused on the right priorities.”

Gregory Borton, CEO of Primary Matters, Inc. says, “ We are thrilled to release Version 2.1 of The Guide to the marketplace. Primary Matters remains the leading provider of activity-based planning, budgeting and business analytic software for operationally intensive organizations of all types. We are the only planning software that is also a publishing platform for industry standard technology costs and benefits. Version 2.1 significantly enhances our ability to add multiple technology templates, such as the speech recognition and VOIP templates that have recently been added to The Guide. Use of our templates provides our users with management ready business plans based on credible, verifiable ROI analyses. Future releases of the ASP version of The Guide will continue to ensure our unique position in the marketplace. We will be adding even more flexibility, additional reports and automated links to operational systems. The Guide will become the leading enterprise- wide, automated strategic planning, budgeting and business impact analysis software.”

About Primary Matters, Inc.

Primary Matters, Inc. provides software and services that support business impact analysis, enabling improved planning decisions in virtually any operationally intensive business environment. The Primary Matters Guide™ is activity-based, content rich software that uncovers underlying costs of corporate functions such as contact centers, sales groups, field organizations, technical support groups, internal help desks, and any other operational function that is activity, task and resource based. With The Guide, business goals are linked to the resource requirements needed to meet those goals. 

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