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Primary Matters Releases “On Demand” Webinar On Activity-Based Planning and Budgeting

Tiburon, CA – August 5, 2004. Primary Matters Inc., a leader in the development of activity-based analysis, announces the release of a 15-minute webinar presentation that introduces the concepts, value, and approach of activity-based planning and budgeting for customer contact centers.

Activity-Based analysis is quickly becoming adopted by more and more organizations to compliment and enhance their current planning and budgeting practices. The unique approach offered by Primary Matters reveals an integrated and broadened view of the users’ organization. It allows the endless number of questions surrounding the planning and budgeting process, as well as a limitless number of ‘What-If’ scenarios, to be answered much more quickly and accurately than previously possible.

The topics discussed in this webinar are illustrated using The Primary Matters Guide®, Primary Matters’ flagship product, which is an activity-based software tool providing a complete planning environment and decision support solution.

Greg Borton, CEO of Primary Matters, states, “Our focus is to empower management so that they can quickly create accurate budgets and resource forecasts. In doing so, the factors that drive the demand and work accomplished by their organizations are able to be understood, and the business impact of projects are made visible”. In this webinar, he will discuss topics such as:

- Creating an activity-based view of your organization, including demand, business processes and resources (personnel and systems),

- How the business impact of proposed projects, for instance, changing business processes, personnel strategies, and adding technology can be captured and quantified using an activity-based approach,

- The value added to your current ACD, Workforce Management and budgeting practices; and

- The effort and skill that it takes to introduce activity-based planning into your organization.

This approach is now being used by many contact centers in leading organizations. Using activity-based planning, these companies are able to understand the business impact of projects ranging from outsourcing, VoIP, business process changes, and IVR modifications. They are receiving benefits such as an increase in both quality and efficiency, and in some cases obtaining cost reductions of up to 25%.

To view this webinar, register at the following link:

Introduction to Activity-Based Business Analytics

About Primary Matters, Inc.

Primary Matters, Inc., provides software products and services that enable activity-based budgeting, planning and business impact analyses. The company’s solution improves budgeting processes and planning decisions in virtually any operationally intensive business environment. Its flagship product, The Primary Matters Guide® is activity-based, content rich software that uncovers underlying costs of corporate functions such as contact centers, sales groups, field organizations, technical support groups, and any other operational function that is activity, task and resource based. With The Guide, business goals are linked to the resource requirements needed to meet these goals. For more information call 707-833-1564 or visit

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