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Our Products and Services include:

The Primary Matters Guide® (PC)  

Available on a CD-Rom, this is a content rich, activity-based decision support tool.  Use of The Guide™ results in a software model of your organization, projections of resource and systems requirements looking out three years, and the ability to do unlimited 'what if' scenario analyses.

The Primary Matters Guide® (ASP)

The ASP Version of The Guide™ has features available that are not available in the PC Version.

  • Database Supported Scenario Data Entry
    There are no files to manage.   Scenarios are available from drop-down lists to view data entry, view results, update, save as a new Scenario, distribute or compare results.
  • Database Supported Business Driver Data Entry
    Multiple Ratios can be built on base group drivers, other ratio group drivers, or individual drivers.   Percentages of Drivers can be summed. Age Segments and Funnels can be established.   All drivers are available to pull into Activities as the Activity Volume.
  • Database Supported Systems Templates within the 16 Systems
    Primary Matters can add as many pre-populated Templates within a System category as required to ensure the User has reasonable and varied choices.
  • 8 additional Activities
    The PC Version has 22 Activities.   The ASP has 30 Activities.

Outsourced Business Analytic Services  

Primary Matters provides outsourced business analytics, capacity planning and business impact analysis, and project tracking services as a business process reporting to the management staff of our customers.   Outsourced functions include:

  • Capacity Planning and Business Impact Analysis for customer contact centers, field organizations, sales forces and other labor intensive functions.
  • Outsourcer Performance Tracking and Benchmarking Service (see White Paper “Activity-based Planning for Outsourcers”)
  • Human Resource Productivity and Employee Job Life Cycle Management (see White Paper “Managing the Productivity and Costs of the Employee Life Cycle”)

Consulting Services

Primary Matters provides consulting services both directly to clients and as a sub-contractor to other consulting firms.

Our benefits are available to customers via our:

  • Strategic and Operational Assessments
  • Business Impact and Vendor RFP Response Analysis
  • Capacity Planning Business Process Analysis and Set-Up

The Primary Matters ROI Sales Tool

Primary Matters builds an easy to use, custom designed interface that 'sits on top' of The Guide. Sales personnel load the application on their laptop, and with the answers to a few questions from a prospective customer, The Guide produces a comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership analysis.  Professional reports display the impact of the vendor's solution on the prospects baseline, increasing closures and shortening the sales cycle.

The Primary Matters ROI Service

This service is based on the modeling engine of The Guide.  Primary Matters is brought into the sales process as an objective party to work with a Vendor's prospect, model the ROI of the vendor's solution, and compare it to an ROI modeled from a competitor's solution.  This leads the prospect to clarify objectives, significantly shortens the sales cycle, and increases the likelihood of closure.

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