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The Primary Matters ROI Sales Tool

Primary Matters builds an easy to use, custom designed interface that 'sits on top' of The Guide.  Sales personnel load the application on their lap top, and with the answers to a few questions from a prospective customer, The Guide produces a comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership analysis.  Professional reports display the impact of the vendor's solution on the prospects baseline, fostering rapid decision making.

Arm Your Sales Force with a Tool that will Differentiate Them From Your Competitors

The Guide is a sophisticated planning and analysis tool.  The modeling engine on which it is based is generic.  It will model any form of activity, deal with any instance of a system, and estimate personnel resources of any nature.  This generic capability makes it possible for Primary Matters to develop a custom user interface that presents your key product differentiators to your prospects, providing a total cost of ownership comparison between your product and your competitors product, or between your product and a decision not to purchase.

Building and Using the ROI Sales Tool--The Process

Meet with a Primary Matters' developer and describe your sales process and your product features and benefits.
Describe how your features and benefits differ from your competitors.
Synthesize the features and benefits to those few that truly make a difference.
Primary Matters develops a custom user interface--a series of questions that are generally a part of your sales process.
The Guide takes the answers to these questions and runs a TCO comparison of your solution to alternative solutions, including doing nothing.
The Guide produces easy to understand graphs, making it easy for your sales force to communicate benefits.
Print the comparison graphs and leave them with the prospect.


Dramatically shorten your sales cycle.
Uncover the real differences between your product and your competitor's product.
Quickly determine when a prospect is an unlikely closure.
Quantify the cost of doing nothing for your prospects.
Enjoy and leverage the credibility of an objective modeling tool.
Present the Total Cost of Ownership comparisons--professionally and completely.

View a PowerPoint presentation of the Sales Tool at work

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