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The Primary Matters ROI Service

This service is based on the modeling engine of The Guide.  Primary Matters is brought into the sales process as an objective party to work with a Vendor's prospect, model the ROI of the vendor's solution, and compare it to an ROI modeled from a competitor's solution.  This leads the prospect to clarify objectives, and significantly shortens the sales cycle.

Arm Your Sales Force with a Defensible, Objective ROI Analysis

Today's technology landscape is more confusing than ever.  Potential customers see too many choices and no good way of selecting technologies or vendors.  To cut through the clutter, your sales force needs to differentiate themselves in the sales process.  The Primary Matters ROI Service will put your sales person in control of the account, provide you with invaluable competitive information, and position you for a quick close.

Using The ROI Service---The Process

  • You have a 'hot' prospect in the decision making phase, and you are on the short list.
  • You offer an independent ROI analysis to your prospect.
  • Primary Matters is brought into the process to provide an independent, objective ROI analysis of your solution and your competitor's solution.
  • Primary Matters gets proposal information directly from the prospect.
  • If your solutions shows unfavorably, you have an opportunity to react.
  • Primary Matters provides the results of the analysis directly to the prospect.

The Benefits

  • You gain credibility with the prospect because you are willing to bring an independent party into the sales process.
  • You have an opportunity to adjust your offering if you choose to.
  • Your sales person has a professional, objective ROI for the prospect to use.
  • The successful sale will happen more quickly.
  • You find out quickly where success is unlikely so you can redirect your sales resource.
  • Your sales force has the ability to differentiate themselves in a manner that directly benefits the prospect.

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