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ICMI ROI Study-Consulting Assessment, July 2006

High agent turnover, inaccurate volume projections, and high abandon rates causing customer dissatisfaction are very typical issues that can cause on-going struggles for contact center management. This case study examines the Return on Investment experienced by customers of the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI)’s Contact Center Assessment Service which targets these and other obstacles. Find out how learning the root causes of problems, and receiving specific action steps to the solutions directly impacts the financial bottom line.

ICMI ROI Study-Essential Skills and Knowledge Seminars, June 2006

Although call centers have the potential to be highly strategic assets, many centers often struggle with some basic issues that prevent them from reaching their full strategic potential. This case study examines the business impact and return on investment of educating a call center workforce with the International Customer Management Institute’s (ICMI) Essential Skills and Knowledge Seminars. In reading this you will learn how attending this seminar has helped centers of all sizes to experience significant improvements in both productivity and bottom-line profit.






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