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7/13/06 Primary Matters Announces ROI Study on ICMI Consulting Assessment Services
6/19/06 Primary Matters Releases ROI Study on ICMI Essential Skills and Knowledge Seminars
4/3/06 Primary Matters Releases White Paper on Contact Center Revenue Analysis
1/10/06 Primary Matters Releases Version 1.5 to Define Profitability of Contact Center Activities
12/19/05 Primary Matters Answers 5 Key Questions on Activity-based Analysis
12/8/05 Primary Matters Defines Activity-based Customer Support Analysis
11/30/05 Primary Matters Releases Paper on Selling Contact Center Technology
10/12/05 Primary Matters Announces The Primary Matters Guide® for’s AppExchange Service & Support 1.0
9/29/05 Primary Matters Improves Bidding Process for Outsourcers
9/15/05 Improved Hosted Version of The Primary Matters Guide® Now Available
8/25/05 Primary Matters Analyzes Hosted vs. On-Premise Contact Center Solutions
8/2/05 Primary Matters Answers Question: Is Activity Based Analysis Right for Your Contact Center?
7/6/05 Primary Matters Contact Center Analysis Now Available from The Primas Group
6/14/05 Echopass Chooses Primary Matters for ROI/TCO Analysis
4/7/05 Amae Software Releases Case Study Using Primary Matters Analysis
3/17/05 Primary Matters Announces Strategic Partnership with Amae Software
3/14/05 Primary Matters Releases Free White Paper on Contact Center Consulting
3/10/05 Partnership Formed Between Primary Matters and ITESA
2/25/05 Primary Matters Now Offering Easier Navigation with Newly Designed Website
1/25/05 Primary Matters and StraightSource Partner to Develop Decision Support Tools for Recruitment Process Outsourcing
1/18/05 2005 Contact Center Top Tips White Paper from Primary Matters
11/30/04 Monitor Metrics with the Newest Version of The Primary Matters Guide®
10/4/04 New White Paper now available from Primary Matters, Inc., “Managing the Productivity and Costs of the Employee Job Life Cycle”
9/15/04 Primary Matters Now Performing Pro Forma Reports For Start Up Companies
9/14/04 Strategic Contact Inc. and Primary Matters Inc. Announce Partnership
8/27/04 Offshoring White Paper Now Available On The Primary Matters Website
8/10/04 Norstan Chooses The Primary Matters Guide®
8/05/04 Primary Matters Releases “On Demand” Webinar On Activity-Based Planning and Budgeting
6/9/04 Primary Matters Releases White Paper “Why Upper Management Doesn’t Trust Project TCO and ROI Analyses, and How To Fix The Problem”
4/15/04 Primary Matters Announces a Free White Paper, “Creating a ‘Win-Win’ with Your Outsourcers”
3/2/04 Primary Matters Releases Internet Version of The Primary Matters Guide™
2/9/04 Primary Matters Announces an In-depth White Paper, "What Management Needs for Planning, Budgeting and Assessing Business Strategies"
1/21/04 Version 1.4 of The Primary Matters Guide™ is Now Available
10/23/03 EDP Consulting, Inc. and Primary Matters, Inc. Establish Partnership
8/8/03 McKesson Chooses The Primary Matters Guide™
4/4/03 Primary Matters Announces Strategic Alliance with BACG
2/19/03 Primary Matters Signs Agreement with AAA
2/18/03 Primary Matters Announces Molex Will Be Beta Tester for New Software Product
2/6/03 Primary Matters Releases Version 1.3 of The Primary Matters Guide™
1/23/03 The Primary Matters Contact Center Guide® Identified by Financial Insights as an Effective Management Tool
10/29/02 Primary Matters announces VAR Agreement with SAIC
9/5/02 Sage Results Selects The Primary Matters Guide For Launching New Workshop
8/14/02 Sage Results Selects the Primary Matters’ Guide to Perform Due Diligence and Validate Proforma Information
7/9/02 StratSource and Primary Matters complete an in-depth Total Cost of Ownership and Impact Analysis 
6/7/02 Primary Matters Releases EURO Version
3/18/02 SAGE Results to use Primary Matters



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